How to properly take care for your aquarium

Have you ever wondered why your fish don’t live as long as they should? A common goldfish can live up to 30 years in a home aquarium, but why does our fish usually live for no more than a few months? The answer is in the care we give to the aquarium, with the correct care our fishes can live much more and be happier. Follow our simple tips on how to properly take care for your aquarium.

Tips to clean the aquarium

The first thing to keep in mind is that common soaps and detergents are lethal to fishes, so even if you try to rinse thoroughly there will always be some residue that will affect the ecosystem of the fishes. Many people ignore this information and continue washing their fish tank with detergent and that is why their fish live less.

It’s better to rinse the tank only with water and a cloth intended only for washing the glasses. Using sponges is not recommended either because there may be many bacteria in them. For a deeper wash you can use a little vinegar and make sure you rinse it very well.

At the time of washing the fish tank is important to move the fishes carefully to a bucket with the same water they had in the tank. The moment of the transfer can be stressful so you have to do it quickly but carefully, taking each fish with a net and placing it in the bucket.

After washing the fish tank you must place 20% of the old water and 80% of new drinking water. Be sure to add all the anti-fungal products needed for the amount of water in the aquarium and let stand for at least 12 hours. Follow these tips to know how to properly take care for your aquarium and your fish will live much longer.

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