Tips to have pets and babies

Many people who have pets are presented with a somewhat confused situation when a baby arrives in the family. There are many contradictory opinions on this issue, many of them are wrong but still remain in the mouths of people, such as that having pets can cause illness to the pregnant or that pollute the environment for the baby and more. Now we will break some of those myths and we will see some tips to have pets and babies.

Toxoplasmosis is the virus that certain pregnant women can contract which is transmitted by certain animals, more than all birds without taming like the pigeons. Contrary to what is believed, not all animals will cause toxoplasmosis to the pregnant, the index of vaccinated pets that can transmit this disease is really low, and in case of contracting the virus the treatment is really simple.

The new baby and the pet

As for the coexistence of the baby and the pets many experts have confirmed that it is good and healthy for the baby. Our tips to have pets and babies are that if the pet is properly vaccinated and clean it will be no problem for the new family member. Either excessive cleaning or “sterilization” of the home will be required; with normal cleaning will be good enough.

Many people make the terrible decision to dispose of their pets when they are expecting a baby, which is a cruel and unnecessary act. The pet will be a great companion and guardian of the baby. Just remember to continue showing love to your dog or cat when the baby is at home, because in many cases the animals can feel depressed and get sick from feeling rejected.

Follow these easy tips to have pets and babies so that the coexistence between both is wonderful.

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